A number of public realm projects undertaken include creative and participatory artworks or events towards generating consultation documents of recommendations, primarily for urban regeneration schemes. These documents serve a variety of purposes; in the development of definging a space, working directly with local  communities and providing thematic input.

The commissions often commence at the very early stages of a  regeneration scheme in order to ensure the proposals and  recommendations are  embedded within  the framework of the project, they can include a broad range of art  from stand-alone scultpures, landmark features, paving treatments, earthworks to  interior wall pieces, flooring, furniture and colour schemes. Several commissions on this site were  generated through this  visioning process, with works by both local, national artists as well being comissioned myself. These are  most succssful when developed through creative and innovative  community engagement ensuring connectivity across all stakeholders, a characteristic of all the commissions on the site. The following are documents of recommendations attached to regeneration schemes or publc realm projects:        


   2000 - 2003 Turning Tides, Gainsborough, Lincolnshire  - Lead Artist

   2000 - 2005 Nar Ouse Regeneration Area, King's Lynn, Norfolk  - Master Planning Artist

   2005 - Urban Lighting Vision for the Meadows, Nottingham  - Consultant Artist

   2007 - Boscombe Spa Village,  Bournemouth  - Consultant Artist

   2007   Kinson Library - Bournemouth Borough Council  - Consultant Artist

   2008 - 2012 Art at the Heart, Bulwell Riverside, Nottingham  - Lead Artist

   2009 - 2011 The Big Plot, Rochdale, Greater Manchester -  Lead Artist

   2011 - Big Bright Night, Rochdale, Greater Manchester - Lead artist

   2010 - Arnold Health Centre, Arnold, Nottingham  - Artist in Residence

   2012 - 2013 River Don (Public Art PLan), Aberdeen, Scotland  -  Artist in Residence