Arts and Business Wales Residency

Architen Landrell,

Chepstow, Wales

The Observers project

The project/residency came about as the result of a speculative approach by the artist to an organisation perceived as being at the forefront of creativity within architectural design. The residency set out to bring together sculptor and installation artist with an internationally recognised multi-disciplinary organisation, Architen Landrell Ltd, responsible for delivering design, manufacture, and erection of membrane structures for high-profile architectural projects.


The residency period was one year (extended from six months) and achieved an Arts & Business Award, Cardiff, Wales.

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day 1

Desk Day 1

chicken thumb


herons thumb


observers ythumb

The comfort of metal

The observers

neo sistine

Torquay bridge model

5.tiffabric experiment

Digital  Fabricators


building centre sketch thumb


architen phot