NORA -  Nar Ouse Regeneration Area, King's Lynn 2002 - 2005

project description


Kings Lynn & West Norfolk Borough Council

Morston Assets Ltd



design team

Sheils Flynn

LSI Architects (Architecture)

WSP (Engineering)

Irene Rogan (Artist)

Penny Anderson Associates (Ecology)

WT Partnership (QS)



As Master Planning artist my role included developing concepts for integrated artworks and an art strategy for the whole site. I developed concepts for a landmark sculpture. Located on the urban landscape & riverside regeneration in King’s Lynn along the Nar (SSSI) and Ouse  Rivers ; this is a commercial development on a brown field site consisting of high density residential and community facilities.


Some of the key influences for the strategy were also inspired by rescue and revival:

Beautiful Bulrushes, Remarkable Reeds: The Water Reclamation Miracles of Kaethe Seidel  in parallel with research into diatoms and microrganisms valuable as a tool for monitoring environmental conditions and commonly used in studies of water quality.


Bringing a brownfield site back to life for the King's Lynn communityas a location for enjoyment and essential services.The landmark diatom-inspired proposals are designed to highlight the beauty and value of natural resources of our rivers and water the and bringing  the community together.


I worked in collaboration with Sheils  Flynn - Landscape Architects and Urban Designers and  Penny Anderson Associates, Consultant Ecologists, this scheme was Part  of  Millennium Communities Programme. Partners include English Partnerships, EEDA, Norfolk County Council, King’s Lynn & West Norfolk Borough Council, Morston’s Assets

NORA diatom tower

2000  I developed concepts for Diatom-inspired landmark features with a 35m spire and shelter /kiosk using recycled glass to create images of exquisite microrganisms and diatom forms, connecting the work to the river, these would  be  embedded within  the tower,  like an ‘eco cathedral’ . The base would provide a shelter with  steps and ramp to access a viewing platform.  Connecting the community with nature and the water.

NORA  sf

Sheils Flynn landscape architects and designers plan for NORA

Irene Rogan's sketch for a landmark feature  2000

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NORA landscape