True self

True Self  h3m x w1m x d 0mm perspex, dicgital image, wallpiece  for Soundwave, Workington, Cumbria

True Self (2009) showing detail of text within the work

1000 x 3000 x 100 mm Perspex and vinyl wall piece

Commissioned by SoundWave Workington, Cumbria


The title 'True Self' refers to a term found in my research of music theory and harmonic theory. Created from the original waveform image of the word  'soundwave' spoken into an oscillograph by staff members of Soundwave Office.

A horizontal  line bisects the work and is reminiscent of a landscape reflected in water. The line is made of text  incorporated into the work which uses the written  responses of SoundWave staff  to questions I asked about their relationship with music and their practice (singers, musicians, opera singer and writers) and providing opportunities for others. Dramatic colours of deep purple and black make a humorous reference to the Rock and Roll era.


The text through the centre of the work:

Helping people express themselves with their words and their voices  *  to find emotional content in something written or singing   it’s special when they find that place inside  like giving them a precious gift  *  like being connected to a universal energy containing all sorrow, joy, knowledge and spirit *  I can be inspired, happy, relaxed, reassured, playing, dancing, excited, love, empathy energised  * when I perform find myself lost in music


SoundWave is a 'not-for-profit' music organisation based in West Cumbria with a mission of Transformation Through Music, delivering a programme of inspirational music projects, including performances, events, festivals, and a large participatory music-making programme.

sounwave text detail a

detail of the artwork  True Self